NEP-51: Changes On Community NEW Budget Plan for 2022

TitleChanges On Community NEW Budget Plan for 2022
CategoryCommunity Governance

Simple Summary #

Referring to NEP-40, the NEW release schedule for 2022 is now planned. The overall release curve is the same as the established one.

Motivation #

To better enhance the value of Newton and activate the community, the NEW release for 2022 is now planned according to NEP-40. According to NEP-45, ledger nodes will have incentives. In the past year, the ledger nodes have served to protect the network.

Currently, there are 69 active NEW DAOs on Newton, which enrich Newton’s community building and eco-governance. The incentives for NEW DAO will be maintained in 2022.

To better improve the mobility of NEW and the richness of Newton’s ecology, the incentives for NewBridge and NewMall will be increased.

Abstract #

According to NEP-40, the total releases in 2022 (2022/02/01-2023/01/31) are: 914360876.9256546229 NEW.

The release plan for each part is as follows:

NoMining ThemeIncentivized BehaviorBudget Cap
1Machine nodeLedgering20% (182872175.38513092458 NEW)
2NEW DAOMaintaining DAO20% (182872175.38513092458 NEW)
3NewBridgebridge asset30% (274308263.07769638687 NEW)
4NewMall MinerNEW staking30% (274308263.07769638687 NEW)

Implementation #

Part 1 and Part 2 will follow the implementation method of the related themes in NEP-40.

Part 3 will be granted to NewChain receiving addresses that bridge their assets to NewChain and whose bridge amount is not less than $150.

Part 4 will be a subsidy for miners targeting newmall.

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