Transferring NEP Ownership

This doc was originally from and should be added to a NEP as reference.

It occasionally becomes necessary to transfer ownership of NEPs to a new champion. In general, we’d like to retain the original author as a co-author of the transferred NEP, but that’s really up to the original author. A good reason to transfer ownership is because the original author no longer has the time or interest in updating it or following through with the NEP process, or has fallen off the face of the net (i.e. is unreachable or isn’t responding to email). A bad reason to transfer ownership is because you don’t agree with the direction of the NEP. We try to build consensus around an NEP, but if that’s not possible, you can always submit a competing NEP.

If you are interested in assuming ownership of an NEP, send a message asking to take over, addressed to both the original author and the NEP editor. If the original author doesn’t respond to email in a timely manner, the NEP editor will make a unilateral decision (it’s not like such decisions can’t be reversed).