NEP Status

This doc was originally from and should be added to a NEP as reference.

I. Available NEP Statuses #

Statuses listed below is the Standard NEP Status for Newton Evolution Proposals.

Regular Statuses #

  1. WIP
  2. Draft
  3. Public Call
  4. Final
  5. Implemented

Special Statuses #

  1. Deferred
  2. Superseded
  3. Active
  4. Abandoned
  5. Rejected

II. Status Definations #

Each status change is requested by the NEP author and reviewed by the NEP editors. Use a pull request to update the status. Please include a link to where people should continue discussing your NEP. The NEP editors will process these requests as per the conditions below.

1. WIP(Work In Progress) #

WIP: Work In Progress is the status before a NEP is submitted to Newton for review. The champion can use other status name such as an IDEA to share the NEP for discussion outside Newton’s Github repository.

WIP –> Draft #

  • Once the champion has finished a NEP and consider it’s ready to be merged to Newton’s Github repository. they will write a draft NEP as a pull request. Consider including an implementation if this will aid people in studying the NEP.

2. Draft #

Draft: If the draft is agreeable amount the Newton community, NEP editor will assign the NEP a number (generally the issue or PR number related to the NEP) and merge your pull request. The NEP editor will not unreasonably deny an NEP.

Draft -> update Draft #

  • Once the first draft has been merged, you may submit follow-up pull requests with further changes to your draft until such point as you believe the NEP to be mature and ready to proceed to the next status.

Draft -> Public Call #

  • ✅: If agreeable, the NEP editor will assign Public Call status and set a review end date (review-period-end), normally 14 days later.

  • ❌ -> Draft: A request for Public Call status will be denied if material changes are still expected to be made to the Draft. We hope that NEPs only enter Public Call once, so as to avoid unnecessary resource.

Draft -> Rejected #

  • See Rejected status.

Draft -> Abandoned #

  • See Abandoned status.

3. Public Call #

Public Call: This NEP will listed prominently on the website.

Public Call -> Active / Final #

  • ✅: A successful Public Call without material changes or unaddressed technical complaints will become Final.

  • ❌ -> Draft: A Public Call which results in material changes or substantial unaddressed technical complaints will cause the NEP to revert to Draft.

4. Final #

Final: This NEP represents the current state-of-the-art. A Final NEP should only be updated to correct errata.

Final -> Implemented #

  • See Implemented status.

Final -> Deferred #

  • See Deferred status.

Final -> Superseded #

  • See Superseded status.

5. Implemented #

Implemented: Some NEP is required one-time only implementation to meets the NEP’s to be completed. Once the implementation is complete, the status will be changed to “Implemented” by an editor. Only NEPs with status Final can be changed to Implemented.

Implemented -> Superseded #

  • See Superseded status.

6. Deferred #

Deferred: An NEP with plan to be Implemented will become Deferred if haven’t met the criteria to be marked as Implemented.

7. Superseded #

Superseded: An NEP which was previously Final but is no longer considered state-of-the-art. Another NEP will be in Final status and reference the Superseded NEP. An NEP cannot move on from this state.

8. Active #

Active: Some Informational and Process NEP may also have a status of Active if they are never meant to be completed.

9. Abandoned #

Abandoned: This NEP is no longer pursued by the original authors or it may not be a preferred option anymore.

Abandoned -> Draft #

  • Authors or new champions wishing to pursue this NEP can ask for changing it to Draft status.

10. Rejected #

Rejected: An NEP that is fundamentally broken. An NEP cannot move on from this state.

III. Flowchart #

graph TD AuthorEdit[Authors' Edit] --> |PR| Draft subgraph "NEP Review Process" Draft --> Rejected Draft --> PublicCall[Public Call] Draft --> Abandoned Abandoned --> Draft end PublicCall --> PublicCall_Merged[Public Call] PublicCall_Merged --> Draft PublicCall_Merged --> Final PublicCall_Merged --> Active subgraph "Status Change on Conditions" Final --> Deferred Deferred --> Implemented Final --> Implemented Deferred --> Superseded Implemented --> Superseded Final --> Superseded end subgraph "NEP Review Process" Active --> |PR| Active end