NEP Editors

This doc was originally from and should be added to a NEP as reference.

NEP Editors Responsibilities #

For each new NEP that comes in, an editor does the following:

  • Read the NEP to check if it is ready: sound and complete. The ideas must make technical sense, even if they don’t seem likely to get to final status.
  • The title should accurately describe the content.
  • Check the NEP for language (spelling, grammar, sentence structure, etc.), markup (GitHub flavored Markdown), code style etc.

If the NEP isn’t ready, the editor will send it back to the author for revision, with specific instructions.

Once the NEP is ready for the repository, the NEP editor will:

  • Assign an NEP number (generally the PR number or, if preferred by the author, the Issue # if there was discussion in the Issues section of this repository about this NEP)

  • Merge the corresponding pull request

  • Send a message back to the NEP author with the next step.

Many NEPs are written and maintained by developers with write access to the Newton codebase. The NEP editors monitor NEP changes, and correct any structure, grammar, spelling, or markup mistakes we see.

The editors don’t pass judgment on NEPs. We merely do the administrative & editorial part.

Current NEP editors #

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