NEPs Guidelines

This is General Guidelines Section for Newton Evolution Proposals. We welcome anyone with suggestions related to Newton Project to compile a NEP.

Parties Involved In A NEP #

Parties & Roles involved in the process a NEP are:

How To Start A NEP #

We welcome anyone with suggestions related to Newton Project to compile a NEP.

Before you begin writing a formal NEP, you should vet your idea. Ask the Newton community first if an idea is original to avoid wasting time on something that will be be rejected based on prior research.

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NEP Process Workflow #

General NEP Process

Following is the process that a successful NEP will move along with it’s status change:

[ WIP ] -> [ DRAFT ] -> [ PUBLIC CALL ] -> [ FINAL / ACTIVE ]

More details covered in:

Documentatons List #

Contributing a NEP

Guide for start a NEP and making updates

NEP Submission Guides for Beginners

Detailed guide for unfamiliar with the NEP Process

NEP Process

How NEP is proccessed and status is changed during the process

NEP Format and Templates

NEP Format and Templates

NEP Status

Standard NEP Status for Newton Evolution Proposals.

NEP Editors

NEP Editors are maintainers to NEPs.

Review Board

Review Board Members review and vote for NEPs

Transferring NEP Ownership

It occasionally becomes necessary to transfer ownership of NEPs to a new champion.

About This Guideline #

This document was derived heavily from Ethereum’s EIP-1 which was derived Bitcoin’s BIP-0001 written by Amir Taaki which in turn was derived from Python’s PEP-0001 In many places text was simply copied and modified. The authors in the documents mentioned above are not responsible for its use in the Newton Evolution Proposal, and should not be bothered with questions specific to Newton or the NEP. Please direct all comments to the NEP editors.

  • 2020-04-24: This NEP Guideline was created and released with e6a58cb
  • 2021-01-11: This NEP Guideline was updated with bf4dc74 and will accept furthur edits on NEPs repo from now on.